Community engagement training using a Council’s own Community Engagement Framework


Glenelg Shire

Community Engagement


Staff from Officers to Managers from almost every Department across the organisation


The aim this training staff was that staff have a greater awareness on: What Community Engagement is; the Glenelg Shire Council Community Engagement Framework (Think, Plan, Do, Evaluate and Tools); gaining the basic skills and knowledge to assist with a consistent approach to Community Engagement projects across our organisation.

  • Two face to face workshops were delivered two weeks apart
  • Each session was delivered three times owing to numbers of staff participating
  • Sessions were custom designed to suit Council’s own policy direction and documentation
  • Sessions were practical and theoretical. Case examples from Glenelg Shire were used to highlight less desirable practice and the benefits of planning engagements using the Community Engagement Framework.
  • Sessions were interactive with participants exposed to a range of learning environments that modelled engagement practices.
  • Staff worked on and progressed a number of live engagement projects through the training


As a result of the training 100% of attendees agreed that their knowledge of community engagement; they felt able to participate meaningfully in the training; and they better understand how community involvement can improve Council decision making.

This training is able to be delivered to your organisation or a group of organisations by contacting us here at Liminal by Design.

Participants listed training highlights as providing them with:

  • Community engagement tools and ideas for consultation to be more inclusive
  • The hands-on practical activities and relating them to work-based current scenarios

As a result of this training participants felt:

  • Better informed to design, deliver and evaluate a consultation program
  • Competent to incorporate evaluation into the actual engagement process

They stated that Chad (who designed and delivered the training) was…..

  • A subject matter expert highlighted by the styles of delivery
  • Fantastic, full of wisdom, encouragement and creative ideas