research capacity and publications


Chad’s publication profile lists a number of his publications, conference presentations, abstracts and poster presentations to scientific committees. Chad brings a research perspective to his public policy and consulting work for example he commissioned and co-authored a systematic review on incidental physical activity as part of the development of a physical activity strategy for a local government. The systematic review was published in a peer referee journal article and the Strategy was adopted by Council and is part way through its implementation.

Research Positions:     
Chad had worked in various research capacities including at the Australian Institute of Family Studies working on a National Stocktake of Youth Suicide Prevention Initiatives and an Australian audit of prevention programs aimed at Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect. He worked at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention at Deakin University where his highlight locally coordinating a Technical Consultation on Obesity Prevention for the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office. He also worked at CO-OPS and designed and delivered dozens of professional development sessions across the nation. His highlights while at CO-OPS were the national workshops with upward of 120 participants. His research interests also cover deliberative democracy and governance.

    Peer Referee Journal Articles:
    Chad has co-authored the following peer refereed journal articles and reviews papers for Health Promotion International:

    Chad has presented at multiple international and national conferences on systems, complexity, deliberative democracy, governance, public health, obesity and community development.

    Chad is available to undertake research activities including yet not limited to research design, rapid reviews, systematic reviews, qualitative research. Liminal by Design Pty Ltd partners with quantitative researchers, modellers and bio-statisticians as required.