Mt Evelyn Township Group

Annual Planning Event, the first of three ‘have your say’ events feeding in to the Community Plan in association with the Shire of Yarra Ranges

Key points:

The workshop aim in the words on the Mt Evelyn Township Groups was that ‘everyone will be given the opportunity to be heard’.

    With the aim of the evening to hear from everyone, open space technology was a natural choice of method to use for the workshop. The evening began with wonderful meal from TastyAz a not for profit caterer which we continued to enjoy during the three rounds of open space.

    Possibly the fastest ever conversion of an open space idea to reality occurred! The want for a community garden was announced as a topic, many of the room flocked to the table and among them two people with offers of land for the community garden. By the end of the night a location was agreed, within a week they had been onsite and inside the month work had commenced. A fantastic example of community planning, no scratch that, not planning, community action.

    Additional topics ranged from increasing the Christmas Spirit, building a sports complex, traffic problems.