Glenelg Shire

Stakeholder engagement
Systems mapping
Co-design of a shared measurement plan

Development of a Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan with stakeholder buy-in; increased awareness of the systems influencing health; with the to understand and measure progress across a range of health and lifestlye areas


Judy Gold for the shared measurement plan and Brynle Owen for the systems mapping

We were engaged to assist in the development of Glenelg Shire’s Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan Our focus was to design a multi-stage process that delivered stakeholder buy-in; an increased awareness among stakeholders of the systems influencing health, hat also set directions for action; and to identify and improve knowledge among stakeholders of how to understand and measure progress across the health and lifestyle areas through the co-design of a shared measurement plan that stakeholder organisations would commit to act on.


His background in public health and systems approaches was invaluable to developing priorities and measures to inform our health and wellbeing plan. The evaluation workshops Chad and Judy held with our key partner organisations were really well received, and helped us to form a common understanding of where we were headed.

Phoebe Nagorcka-Smith, Social Planner, Glenelg Shire

Stakeholder engagement

  • Aim:  Through a sequential series of workshop ensure relevant local stakeholders were involved in designing the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan in to a truly municipal plan, that is one that is owned and used by many organisations in the municipality, as opposed to a plan that is only used by the Council.

  • Process:  Delivered a series of workshops with expert led sessions on a) identifying local priorities, b) systems mapping of local priorities and c) shared measurement planning

Systems mapping

  • Aim:  To understand the drivers of local health and wellbeing priorities, their interconnections and identify leverage points in the systems maps where stakeholders had a legislative/regulatory/funded role and capacity to intervene.

  • Process:  In a workshop environment, we utilised local capacities among stakeholders to create new and build on existing systems maps. The maps identified drivers of behaviours, traits of the systems and identified whether they were driving desired or negative health outcomes

  • Outcome:  We collectively created nine systems maps, one for each health priority and an overall systems map

Co-design of a shared measurement plan

  • Aims:  Firstly, to co-design a shared measurement plan; secondly, that stakeholders would commit to the plan publicly; thirdly, that stakeholders would contribute data for use in analysis; and lastly where required stakeholders would commit to undertake some of the monitoring and evaluation work required to deliver the shared measurement plan

  • Process:   Stakeholder workshops. Additional work was required of stakeholders including a) identifying relevant data sets b) how to access organisational data c) and what commitment/s the organisation could make to delivering on the shared measurement plan. Additional work was undertaken primarily by Judy to further development of the plan between workshops.

  • Outcome:  Shared measurement plan agreed to. For an excerpt refer to page 14 of Council’s Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.