What is a Deliberative Process?

Some of your strategic decisions require deliberations that allow citizens, residents and individuals to have a say in issues that affect them. This is where deliberative democracy comes in.  These may take the form of citizens’ juries, deliberative polling, participatory budgeting and 21st century town meetings.

We can help you ensure your deliberative processes are supported by rigorous methodologies and guided by a robust set of principles that take into account inclusion, representation and influence.

We have been involved in deliberations, engaging anywhere from 12 to 750 people, on issues as vast as infrastructure, environment, nuclear fuel, obesity, 10-year visions, council plans, population growth and Indigenous law.

While the issues change, the principles remain the same, and our methods are proven to guide and support you and your organisation through your liminal times.

To find out how Liminal by Design can help your organisation with its democratic decision making, contact us today.

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Chad facilitated our six day citizens’ jury to provide input into our community plan. When reflecting on how day one went, there was complete agreement from those at Council that there was nothing we would do differently. Jurors (who didn’t know each other) had been impressively brought together into a single coherent team and were primed for their task. After six days they delivered to Council a coherent, reasoned, rational agreed set of priorities that were achievable within Councils means, this wouldn’t have happened without Chad’s professional facilitation
— Manager Strategy, Economy and Environment City of Greater Bendigo Trevor Budge